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Moisture Balancing Cream (Μικτό και Λιπαρό δέρμα)

Light facial care cream.

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Combination skin and oily skin often seem to be the most demanding skin types as they require comprehensive care for their special skin needs, which still keeps the basic functions of the skin intact. The Essential Care Moisture Balancing Cream is a light gel cream that intensively hydrates dry areas of skin and mattifies oily areas at the same time.

 The light Moisture Balancing Cream is clever, basic skincare for the specific needs of combination skin and oily skin. The active ingredient composition of fermented Aloe vera, panthenol and polysaccharide has a moisturizing and binding effect so that dry areas of skin are hydrated all day. At the same time, rice starch targets oily parts of skin and mattifies them immediately.

 Due to its light gel texture, the Moisture Balancing Cream is the ideal skincare for oily skin and combination skin to balance and moisturize the skin at the same time. As a result, the complexion appears even, matte and radiantly fresh.

Apply mornings and/or evenings to cleansed skin.

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