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Calming Serum

Calming Serum intensively soothes the skin.

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The SKINOVAGE Calming Serum is the basis for the care of sensitive skin and provides intense soothing nourishment, which reduces emerging redness and irritation especially quickly and relieves unpleasant feelings of tightness. The serum strengthens skin protection mechanisms and reduces hypersensitivity of the skin from the very first step of the skincare routine.

 The SKINOVAGE Calming Serum improves the irritation threshold of sensitive skin, soothes it and leaves the skin feeling instantly relaxed as soon as it is applied. When applied regularly, the serum reduces unpleasant irritation and relieves feelings of tightness. At the same time, the SKINOVAGE Calming Serum strengthens the skin’s natural protective properties and thus makes it more resilient in order to maintain skin health.

 With SKINOVAGE Calming Serum, sensitive skin appears more soothed and balanced.

 Apply to face, neck, and décolleté mornings and/or evenings after facial cleansing and pat gently into the skin, keeping hands flat. Allow the product to take effect and follow with Cream or Cream Rich.

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