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Vitalizing Cream

For the First Signs of Aging.

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To bring tired skin in need of regeneration back to life, the SKINOVAGE Vitalizing Cream supports the skin’s own regeneration processes and makes the complexion appear revitalized. This skincare cream also smooths the skin contour and protects against oxidative stress.

 The SKINOVAGE Vitalizing Cream noticeably improves the moisture level of the skin. In this way, the important skin and cell regeneration processes are supported and the skin is protected from light-induced damage, while its natural protective properties are enhanced. As a result, the skin maintains its health and youthfulness and appears fresher and refined with regular application.

 The SKINOVAGE Vitalizing Cream gives tired skin a boost of energy and leaves it looking rosy fresh and revitalized. The complexion is instantly refined and more radiant.

Apply to the face, neck and décolleté in the morning and/or evening after cleansing and eye care.
Alternatively, use Cream Rich as a richer night care.

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